Your Other Lens

Something that is often over looked in underwater photography is the lens that goes in front of our face, our mask.  You will want something that is comfortable, made out of tempered glass & soft silicone, has a low profile and black skirt. This is one time that I will say don’t buy online, at least not your first one anyway. Go to your local dive shop and try some on until you find the right fit.


First let’s talk about comfort, your mask should sit comfortably on your face, with out the strap around your head inhale through  your nose, hold your breath and let go, your mask should stay in place. If it doesn’t just try another fit.

Pro-Tip: Don’t tighten the strap to much around your head, the mask skirt is made out of soft silicone it’s edges will start to wrinkle letting in water. The strap is just there to help keep it from floating away, the pressure will keep it on your face.

Keeping a Low Profile

Even when your camera is at your side, a low profile mask provides a wider field-of-view to find your next subject. Also, a low profile mask will allow you to get the viewfinder as close to your eye as possible, making the frame larger and clearer.Being easier to clear, one long exhale through the nose should drain any water, is always a plus.

Pro-Tip: One long exhale through the nose should drain any water in a low profile mask.

Black Skirts

Remember the old view camera’s with a black cloth on the back to cover your head while you look through the viewfinder? Well that’s the same principal behind choosing a black skirt for your dive mask.

Black skirts limit the amount of light entering your field of view, increasing contrast and decreasing reflection in the lens. These qualities will help finding critical focus and also review photos in the LCD.